People of the Forest
Summer 2019

People of the forest is an ongoing project taking place in different venues and social gatherings across the borough of Waltham Forest. It was born out of love for bringing people together and for drawing as mean of expression, observation and of connecting us to our own inner child.

Started in July 2019 and supported by Waltham Forest, 1st Borough of Culture, its primary aim is to bring  people living in the same neighbourhoods together, creating meaningful connections and getting to know each other by drawing each other’s faces.

It is a celebration of people, of the diverse community we live in and a contribution to celebrating arts and creativity in the borough.

Through the act of drawing each other, I wish that people really see people despite their differences, so that they might discover the uniqueness as well as the common beauty expressed in each person’s facial features.

It is also about expressing and exploring the unique personal mark that everyone in the world has; just like our facial features.