Almost Human

With animals, my heart melts. The make the most of what they have. They are totally essence, in the present. No holding back.

I use the imagery of animals to connect to what I feel on a certain moment or time or a state of mind I am in. The images often emerges by itself, without thinking too much.

Landscapes of the Mind

In ‘landscapes of the mind’ I like to capture what’s in the air during a certain moment.
A feeling or a reflection towards a collective or a personal situation, current affairs or what’s being talked about in the ‘neighbourhood’.
I use free associations, personal and collective symbols and I re-imagine and transform reality.

You Are Animal

We are still very much raw animals.

Our body language and physical expressions are the most truthful means of communication. Between rawness and a bit of humour I like exploring movement, social interactions, and the body.